What is this?

This is a social experience for the Covid age! Play together with your family in the living room, or invite your friends over the Internet. This is the one time that using your phone in a social setting is acceptable!

Everything you see here is open source, and everyone is welcome to join in and help make it even better. Write code, write questions, suggest features. Good help comes in all shapes and forms!

What do I need?

You need to be registered to create a lobby, but you can join a lobby as a guest. If you want to have the full group experience, you all need a mobile device (or a browser) plus an optional device for the game board (preferabbly able to cast to/show on your TV) and if you prefer, an extra device for your game master.

How to play?


This game takes place in two phases repeated for a desired number of rounds. During the play phase all players will see a randomly picked black card containing a sentence and each get to play the required number of cards, pass one round, draw another white card and pass, or swap one or more cards and pass. During the vote round, all players get to vote on player whose cards was the most entertaining.

You need to be logged in to create a new lobby.